Christmas Concerts

Just a reminder to all families that our concerts will be on two nights so we can accommodate everyone.

Daycare to Gr. 3-Tues Dec 19th @ 6pm

Gr.3/4-7/8-Thurs Dec 21st @ 6pm.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. See you on Monday, Jan 8th, 2018.




Meet The Teacher Night

Dear Parents

Please welcome our new Gr.1/2 teacher, Ms. Rebekah Narozanski. We are hopeful to have our last staff member, a 0.5-afternoon prep coverage teacher hired in the near future.

On Tues Oct 24th from 5:00-6:30 pm we will have our Meet the Teacher night. Hot dogs (BBQ’d by our GLC School council members), chips and drinks will be available for purchase. The Gr. 7/8 students will also have an auction table with prizes to be won. Tickets are 2 chances for $1.00.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday night.


Mrs. Debra Geary



New Classes

Hello GLC families

We are so excited that we have new Gr.1/2 and Gr. 3 classrooms.  As well, we are hiring a half-time prep coverage teacher!  We are patiently waiting for qualified teachers to apply then we will need to follow the interview process. In the meantime, we have qualified teachers already working hard in your child’s classroom.

Our Meet the Teacher Night will be in October when all new staff has been hired. Dates will be advertised as soon as we possibly can.


Welcome to GLC all returning and new students! We are very excited to have new staff members with us this year. Ms. Kayla Walters is our Gr.7/8 teacher, Mr. Justin Gaudet is our FSL and GR. 6/7 afternoon teacher, Ms. Sawicki is our morning Gr.6/7 teacher, Ms. Katelynn Everatt is our Gr. 3/4 teacher. Mrs. Karlyn McDonald is our 0.5 SERT. Mrs. Heather Bulawka ( nee Skedgel) returns as the Gr. 4/5 teacher and Mrs. Jen Theriault ( nee From) is our SERT and prep coverage teacher. Ms. Katelyn Melanson is our new Kindergarten A – ECE.  With 21 new students registered, we are optimistic that we will be able to reorganize some classes so that they are not overflowing with students:)

We will announce our Meet the Teacher Night as soon as we are fully organized.

Last evening we had our first school council meeting and had many parents join us. Please visit the GLC website-school council section to see the list of parents involved in helping us to make our school an even better school community!

Please check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites for continual announcements and school photos.

We look forward to an enjoyable school year while maintaining our high academic standards of success!


Mrs. Debra Geary




Staff Appreciation Week

Good day Everyone,

The week of May 1st to 5th is Teacher Appreciation Week and the GLC Parent Council is calling for assistance. As in past years, we want to provide our teachers with morning snacks and lunch for the week to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication
to our children.

We are hoping you may be able to help by preparing either a snack or portion of a lunch for one of these days.  Here are some suggestions:
muffins (with butter), croissants (with jam), fruit, coffee, etc. for morning snacks. Lunch suggestions: salads, pizza, lasagna, chili with buns, pasta, etc.  Any desserts that can be provided would be wonderful. Please keep in mind that our school is

Please let us know if you are able to help out with this event and which day you would prefer (e-mail Jamie Kristoff or

Please send a card with your donations so that the teachers will realize your generosity.

If you can, please forward to anyone you might have in your contacts.
As always, thanks for helping to support your children’s school and their teachers.

Jamie Kristoff

GLC School Council Chair



Family Dance

Dear Parents and Guardians


On Friday Dec 9th, students in Kindergarten to Gr. 5 are invited to bring their parents to a school family dance. The dance begins at 5:00-7:00 pm in our school gym. There will be no admission fee but donations of non-perishable food items are greatly accepted. A canteen is also available to purchase snacks. We hope to see you there!

A special guest will also be present…HO..HO..HO


Mrs. Debra  Geary

(on behalf of our School Council members)

Meet the Teacher Night

  • Please join us from 5:00 – 6:30 pm on Tuesday September 27th
  • Meet in your child’s classroom from 5:00 – 5:45 pm and receive a ticket for a small bag of popcorn, free 🙂
  • Enjoy hot dogs, pop, chips on sale for $1.00 ea  (5:45 – 6:30 pm) Depending on the weather, this may be in the outdoor classroom, gymnasium if it’s raining.
  • There will be FREE CAKE!
  • A Chinese Auction with fantastic prizes will also be set up, proceeds toward school field trips.
  • Meet our Guests-Mr. Myles-Hockey Academy coach, School council members too


Mrs. D Geary